How to Fix Leak on Toilet Cistern

Water is one of the basic needs that have become very expensive. It has become of essence to save water and use it in the best way possible. This is why it is very painful to have a leaking toilet cistern. There is a lot of waste when you are in such a situation and you can end up paying huge water bills that are not necessary. All in all you can fix leak on toilet cistern, most often it can be a minor problem that you can solve without the help of any expert or plumber. There are very many people who incur huge bills as they seek these simple services that would have come at a minimal cost.

If you want to fix leak on toilet cistern you need to make sure that you have established where the leak is specifically at. With that you will not have a hard time as you fix leak on toilet cistern. Observe the cistern closely so that you can establish where the leak is at exactly. In case the leak is close to the pipes that feed the cistern, then there could be a problem with one of the gaskets. After having established the point at which the water is leaking, you need to turn off the water supply to the cistern so that you can start on to fix leak on toilet cistern. There should be no water gaining entry to the cistern as you work. The knob should not be far away from the cistern, it is always fixed close to the cistern.Most often the problem is as a result of a worn out washer if not a worn out gasket. To fix that you will need a pair of pliers, the new washer as well as a screw driver.

After taking off the lid you should spot the leaking valve and un fasten it using the screw driver. After that you will be able to spot the leaking gasket and you can replace it. To make sure that all has been fixed. You need to return the valve and fasten it accordingly at its rightful place. After doing that you need to turn on the water until the cistern fills. You can then flush it and note whether it still leaks or not. In case that was not the problem then you will need to purchase a new outlet kit for your valve. With that your problem will be solved in full. As you fix the outlet kit you need to know that the bottom nut should be finger tight while the top nut should be tightened by pliers. You will repeat the process conducted earlier along and turn on the water to make sure that there are no leaking points in the cistern.

There are a variety of simple plumbing tasks you can carry out by yourself. There is a lot of information on the net regarding the different ways you can fix such minute problems without the assistance of a professional plumber. That is the way you can fix leak on toilet cistern.

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